Vtool appoints Wonderep to be its sales-channel partner in Israel

The new Vtool-Wonderep partnership will enable the representation of Vtool’s full offering in Israel, including its top-notch services, tools, and IPs.

April 2, 2023, Tel Aviv, Israel – Vtool, the provider of the AI-based debugging EDA solution Cogita-PRO, the RISC-V SoC platform Universa, and end-to-end HW/SW design services, has announced today that it appointed Avi Pinkas and Wonderep to be its sales channel partner in Israel.

“We’ve been intersecting with Avi and Wonderep for years, and have strong business ties with several of their partners,” said Hagai Arbel, Vtool founder and CEO. “As Vtool is doubling year-on-year, we are thrilled to have Avi officially manage our Israel sales operation, improving our reach and providing our top-notch services, tools, and IPs to more ASIC, IoT, and system companies.”

“I’ve been following Vtool’s work on EDA, IP, and design services for a while now and have found it to be an essential provider in the Israeli semiconductors ecosystem,” said Avi Pinkas, Wonderep CEO. “Representing IMEC, Imagination Technologies, and other companies that intersect with Vtool’s work, this new partnership enables us to further contribute to our customers’ success.”

About Vtool
Vtool answers to the ever-increasing need for faster, more reliable ASIC and FPGA development cycles, since 2014. Headquartered in Israel, it is an EDA verification company, RISC-V SoC adaptable platform provider, and ASIC and embedded SW design house led by industry experts and a growing team of 150 professionals. Operating out of Israel, France, Serbia, Poland, Greece, and India, Vtool serves top chipmakers worldwide by synergizing its three pillars. Vtool’s EDA solution, Cogita-PRO, ensures first-time-right silicon by applying visual analysis principles and AI-based algorithms, its ready-to-use RISC-V SoC framework, Universa, gives a head-start for developing SoC solutions faster, and Vtool’s professional services cover a wide portion of the HW/SW flow.

About Wonderep
Wonderep represents companies that provide solutions (devices, design services and IP’s) for the medical, industrial, consumer, automotive and the semiconductor Israeli markets. These solutions fit many applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the wearables market, mobile embedded applications, industrial, scientific monitoring and many others.
Wonderep is managed by Avi Pinkas who has many years of experience with the Israeli high-tech industry.

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