Vtool Interview for Netokracija

Vtool Netokracija

Netokracija, Serbia’s leading IT magazine, invited Vtool CEO, Hagai Arbel, for an in-depth interview on the vision behind Vtool and the principles that drive Cogita, which make the company and this solution so unique on the semiconductors horizon.

Invent A New Way To Do Your Job

Cogita - debug innovation

Over the last 20 years, verification techniques have called for limited innovation compared to software, but for further evolution in the semiconductor industry, we need to continue finding better and more efficient debug methods.

While the fundamentals of good engineering remain the same, there’s always a better way to do ASIC verification, and this is exactly what our new Cogita machine learning features aim at – to develop new ways to accelerate debug and provide higher confidence for first silicon success.

Bug Escapes And The Definition Of Done

Bug escapes - bugs per week

What is your sign-off criteria for verification? We all know that 100% of code and functional coverage is no guarantee that the design is bug free.

Check out Hagai’s latest blog discussing how Cogita’s visual analysis and classification algorithms provide another layer of certainty that we hit 100% coverage and have our ASIC first-time-right on silicon.

Women Equality Day

Women Equality Day

Vtool celebrates the Women Equaliy Day with the amazing Vtool ladies, helping raise awareness about the significance of gender equality