Methodology Vs. Problem-Solving

Vtool methodology vs problem-solving

Methodology or problem-solving. Should you follow a proven verification path or blaze your own way forward?

“When I was 18, I bought a Vespa ’67: the famous Italian scooter… One day, I began to hear strange voices from inside the engine. This kicked off several weeks of nighttime debugging. It was my first real engineering job,” recounts Vtool CEO, Hagai Arbel, in his new post on our blog #RuleTheBugs, sharing his angle on the tradeoffs of following a proven methodology step-by-step instead of exploring your own path of discovery.

Scooters or chips, our passion is to simply achieve a #BugFreeWorld?

Vtool Lab in Čačak

Vtool Lab Čačak

Vtool Lab kicks off with the accredited program at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak with Darko Tomušilović’s lecture on ASIC design and EDA verification