I’m almost done

Functional Coverage Convergence

How many times did you hear yourself or a verification teammate say “I’m almost done”, while 100% coverage was many weeks away?

Hagai Arbel explains how Cogita can help converge on the last 10%, faster and smoother ?.

The Power of Visualization

Cogita power of visualization

Can you find the hidden pattern without the color or shape?

Visualization is power. Your eyes pin down patterns, quicker than your mind reads text. It’s instinct.

What about when you deal with complex failing simulation scenarios? Is this also a moment for letting your ‘visual processors’ take control and lead the way?

We invite you to read a short story of how Cogita was born, on Vtool’s journey to leverage people’s inherent visual power for hunting down bugs – following their eyes.

Methodology Vs. Problem-Solving

Vtool methodology vs problem-solving

Methodology or problem-solving. Should you follow a proven verification path or blaze your own way forward?

“When I was 18, I bought a Vespa ’67: the famous Italian scooter… One day, I began to hear strange voices from inside the engine. This kicked off several weeks of nighttime debugging. It was my first real engineering job,” recounts Vtool CEO, Hagai Arbel, in his new post on our blog #RuleTheBugs, sharing his angle on the tradeoffs of following a proven methodology step-by-step instead of exploring your own path of discovery.

Scooters or chips, our passion is to simply achieve a #BugFreeWorld?