How to apply a stub on a selected instance of a given module


It is common, when working on a verification of a large design, that one wants to apply stub (or “blackbox”) only on a certain instance of a given module. This simply makes the simulation of this testcase much faster, and therefore accelerates the verification process.

The new RISC-V SoC platform by Vtool and Codasip!


Vtool joined forces with the leading RISC-V vendor Codasip to deliver an even stronger Universa platform, powered by Codasip L31 CPU. This new integrated approach minimizes time-to-market dramatically, while also demonstrating the simple adaptability and extendability of Vtool Universa, especially now with Codasip’s core, support ecosystem, and documentation.

AfterPATh, here we come!


Interested in learning how you can start your career in Verification or Digital Design? Join our bug-fighters Nikos Vogiatzis and Efstathios Faniadis, in Vtool presentation on April 6th, and elevate your career with us🚀

How to access out of scope signals when using SVA modules


Assertions are written inside SVA modules which are instantiated, using a bind statement, on top of most hierarchy levels that have all the signals needed for assertions. Sometimes, there is not one hierarchy that contains all of the necessary signals for a single assertion.

A delightful festival of colors, Holi

Our team in India celebrated the victory of good, spreading color and light in our community. Enjoying the delicious Gujia was the perfect closure for the day.

PACET 2024, here we come!


Vtool is thrilled to announce that we’ll be shining as gold sponsors at this year’s prestigious PACET 2024 conference, on March 28th and 29th, in Thessaloniki.

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