AI-based verification analytics and debugging solution

Predictable and faster verification convergence

Cogita-PRO enables engineers to predict the end of the project, avoiding the often prolonged and unproductive last mile of the verification cycle.

Verification quality metrics beyond code and functional coverage

Cogita-PRO provides effective metrics for verification quality, adding a layer of certainty beyond the RTL code coverage and the testbench functional coverage, ensuring the first silicon success.

Maximized team competency

Cogita-PRO accelerates debugging by using a clear, repeatable methodology, enabling users to learn from one debug cycle to the next while sharing information effectively with their team. 

How It Works

Cogita-PRO uses visualization and ML algorithms to classify data

Vtool Cogita-PRO


Load Data

Cogita-PRO is built to store and process simulation data en masse, such as log files of all types, waveforms, emulations, and software logs.


Instruct and Understand

Cogita-PRO enables users to provide hints for understanding the input data and make correlations between events, packets, transactions, log files and waveforms with its smart database that can be queried and visualized at any time.


Create Queries

Cogita-PRO smart database stores simulation results intelligently, enabling users to query the data, explore it, understand complex scenarios, and get results such as graphs (Show me!), numerical results (Tell me!), and AI-based algorithmic analytics of the data (Compute for me!)


Get answers visually

Cogita-PRO’s powerful automatic algorithms deliver answers in a variety of visual forms, tailored for immediate understanding that help users detect bugs intuitively and effortlessly. Once a debugging cycle is successfully completed, users can reuse Cogita-PRO insights and conclusions for any future debugging use.

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