Our people

Vtool’s magic mix of minds intercepts technology from a humanistic angle. Our community of ASIC experts, verifcation masters, programmers, and designers work alongside strategists and philosophers to bring the right solutions, for people, fast.

We’re proud to have on board some of the leading gurus in the industry, working alongside many of our graduates from Vtool’s academic collaborations that have joined us too. Vtool has been acknowledged for having women in positions across the board, with diversity and equality as our bedrock.


Vtool Greece Eleni Makri

Eleni Makri

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Nebojsa Bukurecki

Nebojsa Bukurecki

IT Administrator

Vtool Cluny Abramson

Cluny Abramson

Verification Engineer

Anja Kokerić Vtool Verification Engineer

Anja Kokerić

Verification Engineer

Ariel Biegun Vtool Verification Engineer

Ariel Biegun

Verification Engineer

Vtool Serbia Luka KKrstic

Luka Krstic

Embedded Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Miloš Vujinić

Miloš Vujinić

Product Designer

Tanja Prodanovic

Tanja Prodanovic

Verification Engineer


Łukasz Nojek

Frontend Developer


Antonis Marelas

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Dusan Lazarevic

Dušan Lazarević

Verification Engineer

Vtool Cacak Vidoje Jokic

Vidoje Jokic

Verification Engineer

Vtool Greece Romaios Kyriakos

Romaios Kyriakos

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Nikolina Bilkić

Nikolina Bilkić

Verification Engineer

Vtool Cacak Olivera Stoimenovic

Olivera Stoimenojic

Office Manager

Vtool Nis Petar Vuksanovic

Petar Vuksanović

Verification Engineer

Milan Slavkovic

Digital Design Engineer

Vtool Poland Krzysztof Garczyński

Krzysztof Garczyński

Embedded Software Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Tara Maksimović

Tara Pavlović

Software Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Sandra Stanojević

Sandra Stanojević

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Tatjana Stefanović

Tatjana Stefanović

Verification Engineer

Vtool Stathis Faniadis Digital Design Engineer

Stathis Faniadis

Digital Design Engineer

Vtool Cacak Vladislav Bukvić

Vladislav Bukvić

Verification Engineer

Meghana Hanakunti Verification Engineer

Meghana Hanakunti

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade David Vukoje Verification Engineer

David Vukoje

Embedded Engineer

Vtool Nemanja Stevanovic

Nemanja Stevanović

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Marko Radosavljevic

Marko Radosavljević

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Haris Turkmanović

Haris Turkmanović

Embedded Engineer

Vtool Poland Marta Wojtowicz

Marta Wojtowicz

Office Manager

Vtool Belgrade Dragan Božinović

Dragan Božinović

Embedded Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Kristina Jovičić

Kristina Jovičić

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Milica Grujić

Milica Grujić

Verification Engineer

Vtool Nis Luka Spahic

Luka Spahić

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Nenad Glavonjic

Nenad Glavonjić

Verification Engineer

Vtool Nis Milutin Marjanovic

Milutin Marjanović

Verification Engineer


Michał Naziomek

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Nemanja Gagic

Nemanja Gagic

Verification Engineer

Vtool Poland Pawel Kasperski

Pawel Kasperski

Verification Engineer

Zoran Jevtović Verification Engineer

Zoran Jevtović

Verification Engineer


George AN

Associate Technical Lead

Vtool Cacak Djordje Kelović Verification Engineer

Djordje Kelović

Verification Engineer

Vtool Aleksandra Dimanic Verification Engineer

Aleksandra Dimanić

Verification Engineer


Branko Borisev

Verification Engineer

Jasmina Manojlovic Vtool Serbia

Jasmina Manojlovic

Verification Engineer

Vtool Novi Sad Nikola Radojicic

Nikola Radojicic

Digital Design Engineer

Vtool Cacak Danilo Bukvic

Danilo Bukvić

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Filip Petrović Verification Engineer

Filip Petrović

Verification Engineer

Vtool Marko Momčilović Verification Engineer

Marko Momčilović

Verification Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Mladen Sokic

Mladen Sokić

Digital Design Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Dragana Gordic

Dragana Gordić

Office Manager

Vtool Konstantinos Pexaras Digital Design Engineer

Konstantinos Pexaras

Digital Design Engineer

Vtool Belgrade Branko Barac

Branko Barać

Digital Design Engineer

Vtool Greece Valentina Denic

Valenatina Denić

Embedded Engineer

Vtool Nis Novak Radivojevic

Novak Radivojević

Verification Engineer


Damian Rypel

Verification Engineer

Vtool Greece Nikos Vogiatzis

Nikolaos Vogiatzis

Verification Engineer

Vtool_Greece_Harris_Datsis Verification Engineer

Haris Datsis

Verification Engineer

Vtool Yula Brown

Yula Brown

Finance Controller

Vtool Belgrade Radosav Vukilić

Radosav Vukilić

Embedded Engineer



Vtool Olivera Stojanovic

Olivera Stojanović

VP of Product

Valuing long-term, sustainable success

Olivera holds two decades of ASIC/FPGA verification expertise combines with a strong business acumen, heading Vtool’s biz dev operations.

Dušan Bukurecki Cogita R&D Lead

Dušan Bukurecki

VP of R&D

Greater knowledge, better technology

Dusan steers forward Vtool’s Cogita R&D team. With extensive knowledge of software architecture, Linux and backend development, he leads the research and implementation of new features.

Vtool Belgrade Miloš Mirosavljević

Milos Mirosavljević

VP of ASIC services

Achieving success through empowering others

With ten years of experience in verification and the passion for leading teams and mentoring people, Miloš enables quick and efficient service deliveries to our clients.

Vtool Belgrade Ljiljana Bjeličić

Ljiljana Bjeličić

VP HR/Operations 

Empowering engagement and support

Ljiljana leads Vtool’s office operations, our recruitment, and both internal and external communications. She holds more than 10 years of experience in the media, marketing, education, IT sector, and startup community. 

Aleksandra Postawa Newrot

Aleksandra Postawa-Nawrot

General Manager Vtool Poland

Vision empowers achievements

Aleksandra runs the Polish division of Vtool. She is an experienced operations manager holding over 10 years of experience in project management in different sectors.

Vtool_Snezana Milosavljevic_

Snezana Milosavljevic

ASIC Design & IP Development Manager

Embrace the most challenging issues

Bringing more than 15 years of experience in digital design and verification together with strategic mindset, Snezana leads Vtool’s Design Group and IP/SoC development, ultimately sculpting a resilient and adaptive approach to problem solving and system building.


Hagai Arbel Vtool CEO

Hagai Arbel

Co-Founder and CEO

Verification reinvented by simplicity and insight

Hagai heads Vtool, steering the company forward. He is the founder of Veriest, a verification services company, a speaker at DVCon, and holds more than 20 years of verification and VLSI engineering experience, including management and company hands-on building. A leading figure in the industry, he has trained and mentored numerous professionals many of whom have pursued leadership positions.

Cogita debug

Anna-Marie Ravitzki

Co-Founder, Cogita Inventor, and Lead Philosopher

Philosophy put into practice

Anna-Marie is the inventor and visionary behind Vtool’s groundbreaking product, Cogita. Her unique background in the philosophy of science is the source of Vtool’s humanistic agenda and Cogita’s operational theory. Her approach to empowering human cognition drives Vtool to revert the balance back into a world where technology nurtures the human spirit.

Dan Alexander Vtool Founder

Dan Alexander

Co-Founder, Creative Designer, and Lead Strategist

Strategy that foresees the future

Dan co-leads Vtool, responsible for its branding, marketing, and strategy. He is the founder of the international branding firm DA&Co., bringing his strategic brand-building angle into the company. Dan has won several accolades, and works closely with creatives worldwide to enhance collaborations that create a new social order.

Board of Directors​

Dr Nathan Zommer

DR. Nathan Zommer​

Member of the Board

Pioneer with vital insight

Dr. Zommer is Vtool’s Member of the Board, actively taking part in steering the company forward alongside Hagai Arbel. Dr. Zommer is one of the semiconductors industry most reputed pioneers: He is the founder of IXYS Corporation, and served as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of IXYS from 1993 until its acquisition by Littelfuse in 2018. Prior to founding IXYS, Dr. Zommer served in a variety of positions with Intersil, Hewlett Packard, and General Electric, including as a scientist in the Hewlett Packard Laboratories, and Director of the Power MOS Division for Intersil/General Electric. In 2018, he founded Shaaron LLC, a venture capital investment and technology consulting partnership. Dr. Zommer holds an MSc in Physical Chemistry from Tel Aviv University, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Uzi Sasson

Uzi Sasson

Member of the Board

Results that mark the future

Uzi Sasson is a member of Vtool’s BOD, holding exceptional business and financial management experience. Mr. Sasson is the former president and CFO of IXYS Corp.

Mr. Sasson is a result-oriented executive, with over 25 years of experience advising global corporations, from startups to public entities, through complex restructurings, international expansion, and capital markets/M&A transactions. Strong SEC expertise, with knowledge of SOX and compliance requirements of various governments. Broad-based expertise, includes strategic planning, finance, FP&A, treasury, accounting, USA/international taxation, and risk management.

Eyal Altman

Eyal Altman

Member of the Board

Growth with an extra edge

Eyal Altman is VP and Chief Digital and Information Technology Officer of Littelfuse. He joined Littelfuse in 2014, and was responsible for M&A leadership and general management until assuming his current position in 2018. Prior to Littelfuse, Eyal Altman held various senior M&A, corporate strategy, and general management positions at General Motors, Delphi, and Elkay Manufacturing.


Exalt Technologies

Ramallah, Palestine

Exalt is a software development center that specializes in web services, backend/API development, mobile apps, and validation.

In collaboration with Exalt, Vtool trains and manages an ASIC verification team in Ramallah. Together, we provide near-shore services to the Israeli market and offer off-shore expertise to clients worldwide.

RISC-V International

San Francisco, California

Vtool is proud to join RISC-V International as a strategic member.

As a multidisciplinary team of experts in ASIC design, verification, and embedded software, Vtool is well positioned to design top-notch RISC-V-based systems.
We look forward to participating and supporting what makes the RISC-V community a great success.

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