Quickly navigate through your log

How to get your team to the next level

We all know that large files can bog us down in debug, even using advanced editing tools, when using command lines is too slow and cumbersome.

Check out this video showing how Cogita can make handling large files and vast amounts of data easier and clearer, helping us hunt down bugs faster and more efficiently

How to get your team to the next level

How to get your team to the next level

What makes teamwork really work? How does a team leader lead?

See how using forming, storming, norming, and performing can help you level up and make your team’s stars shine brighter!

How to start your first embedded project

In this video, find out how to start your first embedded project. You will learn how to generate C code for a specific microcontroller and how to toggle LED diode.

Multiple Interface Instances

In this Tips & Tricks video and article, we explain the problem of setting multiple interface instances to their respective agents within your verification environment.

Verilog Generate: Variable vs Signal Value

In this video we talk about a common generate block evaluation issue. We compare signal with generate variable. Find out why the design won’t compile and how to overcome this problem.