The new RISC-V SoC platform by Vtool and Codasip!


Vtool joined forces with the leading RISC-V vendor Codasip to deliver an even stronger Universa platform, powered by Codasip L31 CPU. This new integrated approach minimizes time-to-market dramatically, while also demonstrating the simple adaptability and extendability of Vtool Universa, especially now with Codasip’s core, support ecosystem, and documentation.

Big Changes In Embedded Software

Embedded software plays a critical role in these kinds of devices. “In general, software architecture is a very important topic, but especially in embedded software because it has one main role and is very dependent on the hardware,” said Haris Turkmanovic, embedded software lead at Vtool, who is also a teaching assistant in the Department of […]

Who Will Own Debug?

Vtool Verification

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a verification leader of one of the world’s leading semiconductors companies. He has some 150 verification engineers in his organization and the group has been exploring EDA solutions for many years.

Invent A New Way To Do Your Job

Cogita - debug innovation

Over the last 20 years, verification techniques have called for limited innovation compared to software, but for further evolution in the semiconductor industry, we need to continue finding better and more efficient debug methods.

While the fundamentals of good engineering remain the same, there’s always a better way to do ASIC verification, and this is exactly what our new Cogita machine learning features aim at – to develop new ways to accelerate debug and provide higher confidence for first silicon success.

Bug Escapes And The Definition Of Done

Bug escapes - bugs per week

What is your sign-off criteria for verification? We all know that 100% of code and functional coverage is no guarantee that the design is bug free.

Check out Hagai’s latest blog discussing how Cogita’s visual analysis and classification algorithms provide another layer of certainty that we hit 100% coverage and have our ASIC first-time-right on silicon.

Six Steps of Bug Hunting

Debugging with Cogita

Breaking down the debug process into 6 simple steps, how can we further simplify the complex bug hunting? The debug steps can be centralized in a single interactive platform, easily navigated and optimized with Cogita. Find out all the details of debug optimization in this blog

There is an Engineer in Every Girl


Stereotypes that hold that men are stronger or that, in order to be an engineer you have “to get your hands dirty” usually push girls away from the idea that one day they could become engineers.

If you ask me, the truth is much simpler. There are tough work environments in any job field wherever you go. The key is to love what you are doing and to find your drive to keep going even in tough times.

Verification Convergence: Problem Definition

Vtool verification convergence

Chip Debuggers and doctors, both work to make things better. But, what can bug hunters learn from medical professionals?

The key is good diagnostics methodology. Imagine we debuggers had the efficient guidelines, methods, and tools that doctors use, so we could simply see through and face failure causes directly.

Vtool’s Cogita is designed to be a powerful diagnostic tool, giving you a well-structured root-cause analysis methodology that lets you quickly understand various scenarios in random verification.

I’m almost done

Functional Coverage Convergence

How many times did you hear yourself or a verification teammate say “I’m almost done”, while 100% coverage was many weeks away?

Hagai Arbel explains how Cogita can help converge on the last 10%, faster and smoother ?.

The Power of Visualization

Cogita power of visualization

Can you find the hidden pattern without the color or shape?

Visualization is power. Your eyes pin down patterns, quicker than your mind reads text. It’s instinct.

What about when you deal with complex failing simulation scenarios? Is this also a moment for letting your ‘visual processors’ take control and lead the way?

We invite you to read a short story of how Cogita was born, on Vtool’s journey to leverage people’s inherent visual power for hunting down bugs – following their eyes.

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